Monday, September 19, 2011

Biography of Karl J. Kenda

I'll leave this short version of my biography of Karl, but the proper, long version has since been posted.  It took me weeks to realize that I had not posted the right one here:

Karl Joseph Kenda (22 August 1923 - 8 May 1980) was born in New York City of  Mattaus and Agnes Kenda, Austrian immigrants, married circa 1915.

In 1930, the family resided in Brooklyn, NY.

He enlisted in the military on 30 March 1943 in NYC "for the duration of the war." His enlistment records state that he was single with dependents, was 66" in height and weighed 120 pounds.

During the sixties and seventies, Karl had his own gallery at 285 NE 79th Street in Miami and lived in North Miami Beach, FL.

In 1974, he married Ann Marie Shaughness.

The sixties and seventies were his most active period, wherein he created hundreds of paintings on Masonite and canvas using acrylics applied with brush and palette knife.

Many, if not most, of his paintings reflected world perils of the times and still resonate with today's events: "Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came," "The War's All Over" and "Lonely Is The Man Without Love" to name a few.

Depending on who is viewing them, his works might be described as psychedelic, spiritual or surrealistic, but all were colorful, unique and thought-provoking.

Karl was well known in South Florida back then, but many of his works are now in private hands and have not been viewed by the public for up to several decades.

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