Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Photo of Karl

This snapshot was taken at one of the many outdoor shows that Karl attended.  Anne Kenda, his widow, supplied me with three snapshots of Karl, the only ones we know to exist.  I regret that I was not one to take many photographs in my college  years, so I do not believe I have any of him.  I will look, however, to see if I do have any tucked away somewhere.

This photo was taken in the early '70s.  Karl is on the far right, talking to a couple of prospective buyers.  His paintings had many admirers.

The painting on the bottom row, seen between the two children, is very similar to the one Karl gave to me in 1970.  It has been displayed on a wall wherever I lived, ever since then.  I will post a photograph of it, later.

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  1. cool that you are doing this ..... interesting work.... sad that he died so young....