Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few More of Karl's Works

Karl never duplicated paintings, but, if he liked the theme,  he would sometimes stay on that vein for several paintings; I do not know how many.   Were I to show you several along a similar line, you would perhaps experience an entirely different feel for each one.

That is exactly how I chose the painting which Karl gave to me in 1970.  Its most obvious interpretation is that of cliffs with faces that are reflected in water (?) below, but the reflections are not exact.  My lay interpretation of the one I chose was "Distorted Reflection of Souls."  I do not know if he named the rest of that line as a group or individually and I certainly do not know if he used my poor interpretation - or a variation thereof -  as a title of either sort.   I do not even know if he titled all of his paintings.  That's something I should ask his widow, if she even knows, herself.

If you've read my biography on Karl, you would know that he studied for the priesthood for a time, but did not continue.  He considered his works spiritual in nature and it's very easy to see that in many of his paintings.

You can easily imagine the face of Madonna or envision Madonna with child in some paintings.  Perhaps you will interpret other faces or figures as souls being transported who knows where.  No one knows what was in Karl's mind as he painted any of his works.

Sorry, that's about the best I can contribute.  You're welcome to enlarge the photographs, study them and offer your own interpretations, here.  Keep in mind, however, that your interpretations are from your own minds, your own imaginations, not Karl's. 

My layman's understanding of art is that each person sees a piece differently and that is the point, that each person views it and interprets it to his/her own satisfaction and benefit.

I will later Post a booklet that Karl copyrighted in 1970, entitled "Art is Not Dead," in which he explains his feelings about art and its effects on the individual.   He called it a primer for those who claim they know nothing about art.

I will do my best to tell you about Karl, but the art and his writings will do a much better job of it.

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