Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Invitation for Interpretations and Queries

I have, in fact, posted all the photographs that I presently have of Karl's paintings.  I intend to ask his widow if I can make my own attempt at photographing some of those in her care.  I would like to illustrate more of Karl's "Commercial" period, those he created toward the end of his life.

I would be happy to hear from people who have interpretations of their own about his paintings.  Every interpretation is correct, since it comes from each individual's life experience and imagination. 

With the possible exception of one of Karl's old managers, his widow and myself together constitute the only known authority on his works.   Keeping in mind that I am not a part of the world of art, I would still be happy to make the attempt to answer queries about Karl and his paintings. 

I seriously doubt that his paintings have been copied, but, even so, between us, Anne and I should be able to supply authentication for anyone who might have their doubts.  This does not include appraisals, however.  Neither of us are familiar with past sales, nor are we experts in this field.  We are just familiar with Karl and his artwork.