Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Privately Owned Kenda

I have recently been sent several snapshots of another's Kenda painting.  His father bought it some time ago and the son wants to keep it because it reminds him of his dad.

The photos are, as I say, snapshots and from different angles, such that the painting appears greenish in two photos and yellowish in another, very likely because it reflects the color off of the walls, the flash and other surroundings.

This painting appears to have been created at the beginning of what I term Karl's Cosmic Period or Psychedelic Period.  It contains only the single color (green, I think) and has the palette knife figures that became his trademark during this period.  In later paintings, he generally used brighter colors and more of them. 

The theme of the painting appears to be a precursor to his "The King Is Dead" painting, which he never intended to sell and which was in his living room for years.  His widow still owns it and I always liked it a great deal, as well.

Karl generally used wooden frames, many from Mexico, and this painting has apparently been placed in a more modern frame.  Karl did sell paintings without frames, so we cannot be certain that the old frame was replaced or if Karl never had it in a frame.  I suspect this painting was on Masonite, as were many of Karl's works, although he also used canvas, as well.

One of these three snapshots in particular  illustrates quite well how the palette knife figures popped out at one as three-dimensional.

I would date this painting to about 1968-69.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

As mentioned in Karl's biography, he was originally from NYC and still had many friends and acquaintances up there, as well as in Miami.

Anyone who remembers Karl from the old days in NY or Miami, let us know so that we can further fill out his biography.

Likewise, anyone who owns a Kenda painting, I'd very much like to have a good photo of it sent to me and to have it included in his known works list.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Newly Discovered Kenda Painting

A fellow by the name of Thomas Bernard contacted me, to tell me that he had bought a Kenda painting, some years back, and wanted to show it to me.  It is of a sunset and I decided to title it as such, "Sunset."  From the subject matter, I believe it to be from Karl's Late Period, the late 1970s.   It is very colorful and Thomas says he very much likes it and proudly displays it on a wall in his home.  Photo taken by Thomas Bernard.