Thursday, September 4, 2014

Possibly the End of my Kenda Photographs

I have had great hopes, in recent years, of being able to photograph many of the Kenda paintings, from various periods, that are in private hands, perhaps hundreds still in the possession of Karl's widow, Ann. I now no longer believe that is going to be possible. Ann is seldom down here in Ft. Lauderdale and has moved on with her life and is more oriented to the Now and with little regard for the past. I cannot fault her for that, but I believe the window for photographing the Kenda paintings still in her possession has closed. I fear for their ultimate fates when Ann no longer has use for them or otherwise disposes of the many she still owns. I may still be able to post paintings from others' collections, but I'm dependent upon them spotting my write-ups on Karl and their contacting me with photos of their own Kendas. I would still like to fill in more of Karl's biography should any of his old friends spot this blog or the Facebook page I created for Karl's works. I know some of these posts show up on Google searches, so maybe...

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