Thursday, August 20, 2015

New - to me - Privately Owned Kenda

This person wishes to remain anonymous, but shared this Kenda, a seascape. It is acrylic palette knife work and is 9" x 12".

Bought Six New Kendas

Following are photographs of six Kendas that I just purchased in a private sale. Two are from his Chessmen themed series; two are cityscapes, although the one with so many splotches of color may also be a cityscape; and one is of faces peering from behind a potted plant. All are acrylic palette knife works on canvas and the black and white chessmen piece was already nicely framed. The third and fourth measure 9" x 12"; the other four measure 12" x 16". Except for the framed painting, none of these are on stretchers at the moment. I will remedy this in the near future in order to display them properly.